About Me

My name is Katherine Queen. Founder of An Artistic Awakening. My whole life I have been surrounded by small business owners. My dad and my mom both ran their own businesses. Born and raised in Alaska, often finds yourself digging deep in “the self” to find what truly connects you. I have always been close to nature and the rustic elements of the earth. I have done many things in the past as an amateur artist.  I have enjoyed many hobbies.  But I have to say that my passion lies in the stones and the powers they hold. No matter where you are, the earth has a story to tell, as we all do, the power of creation and the forces that connect you here.

Now I get to share my passion for nature through unique natural designs in my jewelry.  Bringing to you the many elements that the earth holds dear, and the elements that draw you to the magic of the great outdoors.

The Land of Enchantment and The Last Frontier.

There is something magical about the American Southwest and Alaska. I may have been born and raised in Alaska but there is a deep connection for me to the Southwest. Maybe it’s the climate and geography that are highly varied as Alaska, ranging from forested mountains to sparse type deserts. Maybe it’s the northern and Alpine regions that exhibit a colder  climate, like Alaska’s North Slope.  While the South and East are warmer and more arid like Alaska’s interior. The Rio Grande and its fertile valley run from north to south, creating a riparian habitat through the center of New Mexico, as Alaska’s Yukon River runs East to West that both support a huge protected habitat and host many protected wilderness areas and national parks. Maybe it’s the native cultures that protect the lands that I have so much respect for.

Regardless, it’s beautiful and unique.  I want to share it with you. Every piece I make is hand-picked and chosen carefully. Carefully designed to enhance the stone and tell a story. I hope you find your story in one of my pieces.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Stay kind my friend.